Latina, the Gardens of Ninfa open their prisons to tourists

Inside the prisons of the Caetani castle of Sermoneta, in the province of Latina, 150 graffiti realized by the prisoners were discovered. Graffiti that today will be possible to observe thanks to the opening of the Hall of Gendarmes, close to the so-called Women’s Prisons. What are they? In large inscriptions on painted cartouche, drawn with black or red ink, made between 1606 and 1634. One of many: “Lattuca bona and chicory frate but a little bit of veal better forebe, but freedom better than anything “.

Among the places that now you can also visit the kitchens of the soldiers and the Prisons of the Base of the Male . In the latter, in particular, eighteenth-century graffiti were found probably made by soldiers of Napoleonic troops during the occupation of the castle.

The Foundation, which manages the assets of the noble family, has drawn up a new calendar of cultural initiatives and announced that the Garden of Ninfa and Castello Caetani of Sermoneta have become registered trademarks. The president of the Caetani Foundation, Tommaso Agnoni, explained in a press conference all the innovations planned for 2019: “The Roffredo Caetani Foundation is at the center of a series of initiatives that, almost always, focus on the cultural, historical and environmental enhancement of the beauties that the Caetani family left us as an inheritance. Exhibitions, publications, events, conferences, projects aimed at preserving the extraordinary archival heritage of this noble family.In this sense, the Castle will continue to host high-level cultural initiatives and be open to projects related to the study and the countless experiences that many universities, using our spaces, make on this territory together with their students “.

From today there will also be an ad hoc path in the gardens, defined by the New York Times the most beautiful in the world, in the literary parks and other routes with a ticket that will allow you to visit the Garden of Ninfa in the four seasons, admiring the different blooms of the thousands of plants from different countries of the world.

The Castle of Sermoneta is open every day except Thursday. The gardens will remain open from April to November on the dates

How to travel and make the world a better place in 2019

One of the intentions of 2019 could be to take a vacation that is different from those experienced in the past. You can test yourself with experiences that leave a tangible sign in the places you visit. An important impact, which goes together with what the traveler generally receives on his person, in terms of accumulated experiences and personal growth.

Mamiraua Reserve – Brazil

For example, it is possible to go to Brazil with Natural World Safaris, taking advantage of this chance to do something different from staying for hours on the beach. The Mamirauà protected reserve allows volunteers to stay at the Uakari Lodge at night, devoting himself to tracing wild jaguars with researchers by day. You will have the opportunity to experience a real adventure, positioning photo traps, discovering how it is possible to study the blood samples of these huge cats, followed by GPS. The interest of scientists also obviously expands to other animals, from the uakari monkey to the three-toed sloth, to the giant river otter.

Those who love to travel to discover new places and cultures far from their own, are often annoyed by the excessive presence of tourists. One finds oneself once again to hear one’s own language spoken, and thus triggers a form of unjustified nervousness within oneself. So why not take flight and go to places usually visited by around 400 people a year. You can take part in organized tours in Laos , dedicating yourself to incredible trekking sessions in the heart of the forest. All this knowing that 20% of profits made by InsideAsia Tours will end up in the pockets of the premises. A real contribution, rewarded by an experience at the limit in the Nam Et-Phou Louey National Protected Area .