Mini Bus Hire

Things to keep in Mind When Using a Rental Service for Mini Bus Hire in Perth

If you are planning a week end get away with friends and family, you must have considered hiring a minivan in Perth. The basic idea is to get everyone together and have an enjoyable ride which could be a fun prelude to your getaway. Before you go for a mini bus hire in Perth, make sure you keep the following in mind.

Don’t underestimate the smaller car rental companies

Most people assume that bigger rental companies would provide them with a better experience. Though this is true to quite an extent but ignoring smaller companies isn’t the way to go. In fact hiring a minibus from a smaller rental service could cost you a great deal less. So why pay more when you get all the benefit of a minivan in a smaller budget. Pus the bigger companies may be more focused on generating sales and revenues, while the smaller companies could provide you with a better customer service experience.

Choose the right vehicle for your travels

Planning to go along with the whole gang? A SUV or a sedan might work well got you. Looking for more comfort and leg space, a mini bus isn’t a bad idea either. You must always plan ahead and get to know how many of you would be travelling together. Whether you have children or the elderly travelling with you as well. The same goes for pets too. When you make a booking keeping all these things in mind it makes for a more comfy and enjoyable ride. Check out Perth Bus and Coach Charter – this company provides minibus hire in Perth, Western Australia.

Make a booking before hand

If you plan a long road trip, hiring a mini bus beforehand is a better idea. The key is to make a booking at least a week before. This could actually help you save some cash and also get you hand on a good mini bus in better condition. When you make last minute bookings you are bound to find yourself paying extra and settled with whatever is available at the bus rental.

Get to know if there is a fee for additional driver

Most people often designate a single driver for the whole ride. However, if its bit too far it might become slightly uncomfortable to manage. This is why most people take turns while driving long distances. However some care rentals would charge extra for additional drivers handling the minivan. Make sure you know the rules and regulations for additional drivers.

Make sure you are insured

Most care rentals would want to sell you insurance to ensure that their car is covered if there is an accident. However most car companies rental would transfer directly to the rental care as well while you are driving it, you just need to make sure of this option. In case your insurance company doesn’t have you covered you could benefit from using the car rentals insurance because some insurance is better than no insurance at all.

For more information on mini bus rentals in Perth, make sure you contact a licensed company.


Top Material Used for Teamwear

Team wear also known as active wear  is the clothing and footwear worn for sport. The clothing is specific to the sport and is catered for practical, comfort or safety reasons. For most sports the athletes wear a combination of pieces of clothing and gear. There is protective gear that may need to be worn such as helmets or padded body armour that is designed to work with the given material of the fabric material. The  fabrics are the type of  materials which help the athlete move  comfortably  during training and the actual game. The type of fabric material the athlete needs really  depends on the intensity of their activity on and off the game field. Gear for running long distances should keep the wearer comfortable and have  excellent moisture absorption properties to allow for sweat to transfer from the inside to the outside for the clothing. For outdoor sports in the winter the material has to be breathable fabrics with excellent  insulating quality. In heated condition, the material should allow the wearer to stay cool; while in when in cold weather, sportswear should help the wearer keep from freezing. Team wear  is usually  designed to be lightweight in order to not restrict the person’s movement or flexibility.


This material is used as base layers to soak up sweat; moisture is transferred because it’s  worn next to the skin. It also has an insulating layer placed on top and then wind and water resistant  garments.

Double knit polyester

This fabric is the best choice for those athletes that need something durable , this is especially important for making sure it won’t wear out as fast.

Mesh polyester

The mesh fabric allows for free air flow through team wear ,quickly circulating air  to reach the skin  and allowing for immediate cooling. However due to the rate of absorption, the fabric does need to be washed more frequently.

Moisture absorbing ( wicking ) polyester

This is the best combination of allows for absorption of sweat  away from the skin for a more efficient evaporation and durability without compromising comfort. Moisture wicking is a term used on fabric that  is absorbent and allows for a barrier of wet fabric on your skin. There is also the newest variation of moisture wicking which is dry wicking. It is a  two layered fabric that separates  the surface tension of sweat and propels it through the  layer that is hydrophobic into a natural absorbing outer layer.


This fabrics is very similar to the 100% cotton blends plus a few other added benefits. It is breathable, comfortable and way less prone to shrinking.  Often times, they are more durable than the plain cotton team wear.

Overall, all these material types fulfill one of the most important criteria for team wear which is to keep all clothing uniform. Team wear is meant to be uniform in color and material to truly represent the unity of a team and what they represent. Also look into different types of custom made sportswear that is available from Australia. In sports where teams are playing against each other, both  sides are usually identified by the colors of their clothing. The individual team members are recognized by the number on the back of their shirt. In some sports, specific pieces of  of clothing differentiate roles of players within the team.

Safety Equipment

Everything You Need to Know About Safety Equipment

Various occupational health and safety practices usually use hazard controls and interventions to control any hazard in the work place that threatens the life of employees. According to Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984, under section 19, every employer has an obligation of ensuring that all workers have safety equipment in places where they cannot avoid hazards and they should not pay any fee in getting this equipment.

Safety equipment is considered as the last method in the protection of workers from work-related injuries. That’s why it should be used only when other safety practices are not implementable immediately and they become very effective when they are used as a supplement of other hazard control means so as to minimize the risks of injury. Some businesses can supply safety workwear and work safety gear that is available in Brisbane.

Some of the issues that affect the use of safety equipment include discomfort of the wearers, inconvenience in a particular task, and being inappropriately or poorly maintained. As an employer, you should ensure that problems as a result of improper selection, fit and even their maintenance should not undermine the efficiency of the equipment. What are these types of safety equipment? Let’s explore more.

  1. Types of Safety Equipment

Based on the type of protection the equipment gives; there are various categories of safety equipment which include:

  • Eye protection – these include goggles, shields, and visors specifically for your eye protection.
  • Hand protection – gloves and barrier creams are the most common.
  • Respiratory protection – they include disposable, airline, cartridge and half or full face
  • Hearing protection – this category includes ear muffs and plugs
  • Head protection – these include helmets, caps, hard hats and hoods
  • Foot protection – wear strong shoes and boots
  • Skin protection – the safety equipment in this category include sunburn cream, hats, and even long sleeved clothes
  • Working from heights – you need to have harness and fall arrest devices
  • Other safety equipment includes disposable clothing that you use when working with chemicals, welding, and painting and radiation hazards. They include sleeve protectors, aprons for x-ray protection, aprons, coveralls when using chemicals like leather jackets, trousers and also spat for welding. Also, they include thermal protective clothing when working near furnaces.
  1. Responsibilities of Management for Safety Equipment

What are the responsibilities of management for safety equipment and therefore it should ensure that:

  • Professional advice should be given so as to determine the most appropriate type of safety equipment for the work to be done
  • Needs for safety equipment are assessed by a professional
  • Training is given to employees and supervisors to ensure proper selection, cleaning, fitting size, cleaning and maintenance of safety equipment.
  • Every policy about safety equipment should be supervised and enforced
  • Evaluation of safety equipment program is done regularly
  • Any visitor who visits your premises and is exposed to hazards should be provided with the appropriate safety equipment
  • The safety equipment shall be cleaned thoroughly before they are reused.
  • All the safety equipment should always comply with the set laws and the existing safety equipment should be assessed often

Management having played their roles, employees should also follow the same path. According to Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996 all employees:

  • Should use safety equipment in a manner in which they have been instructed to use it
  • Should not damage or misuse any safety equipment
  • Must always report or notify the supervisor of any damage, malfunctions, need to clean the safety clothing or equipment

Digital Agency Partner

Digital Agency Brisbane

Brisbane is a large city in Australia, which provide roots to a large collection of digital agencies. These agencies vary in names with potentially one main service; enhancing a client’s presence in the world through the use of unique strategies. Each agency offers a set of general service and a few unique features on their websites, which they hope will aid in distinguishing them from the pack. Each agency is in the business of digital marketing and by default website creation. As such their home website has to live up to a certain expectation, being that it is the first evaluation of the agency’s talent that a prospective client will get to make.

Most of the agencies tend to make a good first impression; their websites perform a fine job of capturing a prospective client’s attention. Each has a unique theme that seems to be well thought out and implemented. These digital agencies are collectively in the business of: billboard designs, animation creation, image creation, web page creation, video creation and art creation among other services.

  • General features of Brisbane Digital Agencies

Most agencies promise alleviation from the tedious traditional marketing experience. They then proceed to demonstrate how they plan to do this for you, through the uses of different technological gadgets and procedures. The homepage does the job of sparking interest in the prospective client, then depending on the particular agency several other web pages are available with different features.

One page that is common among all the digital agencies is their work or portfolio page, which is a page created with the intention of showcasing the agency’s achievements. The work pages generally show past projects completed by each company, this is a popular strategy because most potential clients will be more open to hiring a company that has a proven track record.

The second commonplace web page on these agencies website is the contact page which could be considered as a no-brainer. This page provides the contact information for the company so the potential client can initiate contact immediately.

The second no-brainer webpage that is usually available on the agencies website is the “about” page. This page usually goes into detail about the different services that each individual company provides and in some instances a framework of the agency is presented, along with a brief history of the agency that is mainly focus on highlighting the agency’s achievements.

  • Unique features of Brisbane Digital Agencies

There are a few agencies that go the extra mile, as it relates to websites features and content, in hopes of securing clients. Their websites host pages with titles such as “Capabilities” or “Expertises”, which basically give potential clients an intimate look at the mechanism behind the agency.

Another unique feature provided by a few of these agencies would be the insights page. As the name suggest these pages aim to provide clients with a deeper understanding of the qualities they should be looking for in a digital agency, though some might see this move as pretentious, it can also be seen as a healthy show of confidence.

A few other agencies strive to create pages that create a friendly atmosphere; some of these pages are entitled Chat, Thoughts and Culture. Some pages try to take things a bit further, in the hopes of possible not only securing a strong client base but creating a community, through the creation of an agency blog that is linked to their website. So contact our Brisbane Digital Marketing partner.

Diesel Particulate Filter

The Diesel Engine

In 1897, Rudolf Diesel developed a high-compression engine that went on to carry his name.

Diesel Engines function by compressing air into the engine’s cylinder.  Such intensifies the air’s temperature to such a high degree, it ignites the diesel fuel in the combustion chamber.  Diesel engines operate differently than other engines, which are spark ignited and use spark plugs and run on gasoline.

Diesel engines are very reliable, last longer than gas engines, and are more cost effective to run.  Mostly large, 18-wheeled trucks, which transport goods and products, use Diesel Engines.  Other vehicles and machinery that use Diesel Engines include:

  • Construction Equipment and Vehicles
  • Cargo and Cruise Ships
  • Trains and Locomotives
  • Buses
  • Generators

Diesel engines, however, release chemicals and compounds (i.e. pollutants) into the air. In 2007, pursuant to Environmental Protection Agency Regulations, diesel engine manufacturers began adding Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) to exhaust systems.   DPFs decrease nitrogen oxides and eradicate the distinctive diesel odor.  In 2010, manufacturers added urea, which further advanced combustion proficiency.

Diesel Particulate Filter

How the Diesel Particulate Filter Works

As the truck engine runs, the engine injects fuel into the exhaust stream. The filter seizes dust, soot, and diesel particles and keeps them from being released from the exhaust pipe.

What Can Go Wrong

When fuel goes through certain chemical processes, the reactions produces heat and converts soot into ash, which can pile up, affecting the filters.  Failures of valves, fuel injectors, coolers, and/or the turbocharger can also clog the filter with coolant, raw diesel, and oil.  When contaminates reach a particular level, the filters can clog. If that happens, exhaust flow becomes obstructed and interferes with proper engine function.

DPF Regeneration

When Diesel Particulate Filters are clogged, the engine needs to be regenerated or cleaned.  This is done two ways:  automatically or manually.

  • Automatic Regeneration: there are two kinds:
  • Passive Regeneration: when a mostly constantly working wheel loader reduces the amount of particulate matter before it builds up.
  • Active Regeneration: when the system’s computer recognizes the problem and begins a course of action that injects diesel fuel into the engine’s cylinders. The heat eventually reduces the particulate in the DPF to ash.
  • Manual Regeneration: a light will come on the truck’s dashboard, notifying the driver that they need to initiate manual regeneration.  In order to avoid costly damage and prevent any further problems, it is imperative that the driver immediately begins the regeneration process.  They have no choice, really, for if the driver takes no action and keeps on driving, an alarm will sound and, ultimately, the engine will go into “limp-home mode,” wherein the power and RPMs are so reduced, the operation is impossible.

The Manual Regeneration Process takes around forty-five minutes to an hour. Trucks have a button that the drivers need to activate in order to begin the process.  The driver must first, however:

  • Drive and park in a well-ventilated area. Outside is the best place.  But, not on grass or any other place that could catch fire as the filter gets hot.
  • Place the truck in neutral
  • Activate the hand brake
  • Press and hold the DPF button for a few seconds
  • Leave all pedals alone

Downsides to DPFs

Of course, a Diesel Particulate Filter protects our health, the animals, and the environment.  And, that’s great.  The downsides include the potential damages to an engine should they not be maintained.  Plus, they cost about $5,000.  A reconditioned Diesel Particulate Filter works just as good, however, cost half that amount and is a great alternative. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Corporate Gifts Brisbane

The Art of Giving Gifts

Corporate gifts can actually help build a great relationship with your client. However there is an art to gifting and over stepping certain boundaries might cause the situation to become awkward. A gift which looks too expensive or perhaps too cheap might result in a social gaffe making it something which can’t be over looked.  The following are a few gift giving etiquettes all business owners should know.

Personalise your corporate gifts

Anyone would like to receive a personalized gift. It becomes all the more valuable. If you gift them something which is of interest to them or which actually holds value for them, it can do wonders for your company.

It’s always helpful to pick a corporate gift for your clients which is useful. Just make sure to avoid the cheap promotional gifts which you can get for a dime a dozen. Purchase something small yet tasteful.

Know your budget

You should know how much you are willing to spend. If yours is a new start up you may not have the budget to send expensive stuff. However a small tasteful season’s greeting card is also enough to let people know you are thinking of them.

However the problem arises when you spend a great deal on gifts. Most companies have special policies on the kinds of gifts they can accept. There are a few who aren’t even allowed to accept gifts. It’s always better to do a bit of research to find out the gift accepting policy of different companies.

Corporate Gifts

Always be sensitive to religious beliefs of your clients

Just because you celebrate Christmas doesn’t mean all your clients do. Giving them a holiday gift which makes it impossible for them to accept due to religious beliefs can create tension. It becomes awkward for both you and your client. If you do plan on sending corporate gifts, ask them casually if they celebrate Christmas. This way you can avoid problems and there are other ways to show appreciation as well. This could include a small token after a highly successful transaction.

Be inclusive

One of the most basic etiquette of gift giving is to be inclusive. If you plan on gifting something to your employees, make sure you gift it to each one of them and not a select few. Doing so would only cause people to talk behind you and create feelings of jealousy.

In order to avoid the mistake of overlooking employees and clients make sure you have a list prepared of all the potential individuals you would be sending gifts too. This checklist would help prevent you from forgetting someone.

Remember the key to successful gifting is to send small yet tasteful gifts. The basic idea is to make your clients and employees feel important and it doesn’t necessarily mean having to spend thousands of dollars either. If you are looking for valuable and tasteful corporate gifts in Brisbane within your budget, make sure you check out the items available.

Medical Equipment Suppliers

Choosing the Right Medical Equipment Suppliers

Are you on the lookout for the best medical equipment suppliers in your area? Have you wondered where you can get all the medical supplies without having to spend tons of cash? Finding the right medical suppliers in your area need not be a difficult task. Read the following tips to know how you can find the right people to help you get the best medical equipment.

Whether you need medical equipment for a single individual or for a complete establishment, the key is to find a supplier who is trust worthy and only deals in the best products. Medical supplies should be built with the highest safety standards in mind.

medical-equipment (1)

Tips for finding the best medical equipment suppliers

Do your research. The internet is a great place to look out for medical suppliers within your vicinity. Check out their listings and their ratings. Take a look at the testimonials left by people for them. These can give you a fairly good idea regarding the kind of medical equipment they deal in.

Only buy goods from suppliers who deal in the best quality products. When it comes to safety standards in medical equipment, there should be absolutely no compromise. Whether you are buying something as uncomplicated as thermometers, or things like surgical equipment; always invest in quality products. Not only would it ensure that the products last longer but there is no compromise on the safety of the individuals either.

Sometimes spending a bit more can actually help you get the best quality products. Consider it as a long term investment, the better the quality of a product; the lesser would be the need to replace it.

Once you decide on find a medical equipment supplier you would like to deal with, it’s a good idea to pay them a short visit. Have a detailed talk regarding their products and also make sure you let them know your budget. Doing so would help you find the right kind of medical equipment without a great deal of hassle.

You can even ask them to provide you with a list of previous clients. In fact most companies proudly display their clients’ names on their websites as well. This is their way of affirming that they deal with highly satisfied customers.

Not all suppliers would sell certain equipment at the same price. The prices may vary from one to another. It actually depends upon the quality and the standard of the equipment they deal in. don’t be swayed by someone who offers a deal which looks too good to be true. Trust your instincts, if you find something hard to believe, it probably is.

Most equipment comes with a warranty. In case there is a problem, it can be repaired free of cost if the problem occurs within the warranty period. On the other hand the after sale service provided by the medical equipment suppliers is important as well. Costly medical equipment can break down and its required that these be serviced as quickly as possible. Most medical equipment suppliers make sure they provide the best after sales service.

Keep these in mind when buying medical equipment to avoid difficulties later on.

Connex Auckland Logo

Local Business Strategies

Auckland Business Networking

Smart business people are leveraging the power of Internet marketing strategies to attract more qualified customers to their small business. Connecting Auckland Businesses that you would not expect to find on the Internet are now using online marketing to draw in customers like a magnet. Traditional small business marketing methods are expensive and the results are not measurable. Positioning yourself as the expert in your field and providing valuable information to your potential customers will magically attract qualified prospects to you. This article will provide valuable small business marketing ideas to help you develop marketing strategies for your small business.

For Connecting Auckland Businesses, the best way to get new customers is to establish an online presence. A website would be the foundation of your presence online. However producing a website alone is not sufficient. The website itself should be planned with its purpose in mind.

That purpose would be to provide:

-A place to present your business and the products or services that it offers, online to consumers.

-A way to brand your business to make it more recognisable to consumers.

-A means to develop trust and confidence in your business.

-A place to offer valuable content.

-A method for capturing contact details of prospective customers.

It is of little use having a pretty website if nobody visits that site. The aim should be in the first place to attract as many people as possible to the website, to interest them once they arrive and then entice them to leave contact details (e.g. name and email address) usually in return for some valuable information, gift or free or discounted service. Relevant local business strategies and general internet marketing tactics should be employed when designing the website. It should contain high quality, relevant content.

Connex Auckland LogoBy focusing on offering value to prospective customers you can help establish a positive reputation. You must develop the consumer’s trust in your business. By being open and upfront and offering great value, with no strings attached, prospective customers will have confidence in your products and services and be more willing to buy from you. Provided that you are offering real value, over-deliver on your promises and don’t rip the customer off then you will have every chance to convert the new customer into a repeat client.

In order to initially attract customers, you need to use SEO Services (Search Engine Optimisation). Emphasise keywords that prospects would normally be looking for in search engines like Google. Contact Advanced Marketing for more information

Social Media Strategies

Integration with social media marketing sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn also provides a great opportunity to get the word out to people sharing related interests and to draw them into your website and then, in turn, your business.

It is vital that your business is proactive in providing a prominent presence in the local community. By producing a well-designed, content rich and interactive website, driving targeted traffic to it and then obtaining contact information which enables future follow-up, your small local business will have every chance to compete successfully with your competition and flourish, even in the current harsh economic climate.

Local Auckland Business Marketing

Importance of Local Marketing

Why Utilise Local Businesses?

There are many different advantages to using a Local Business Listing Service. For instance, using a local business listing service allows you to reach your target audience on the internet. This type of service helps you to be more in touch with the customers in your own local community. This type of advertising is much more cost effective and reaches much farther compared to ads in print and other promotional means. It is also much easier for business owners to be able to manage their business listings from a single account in the comfort of the home or office. Business owners like the added benefits of listing in online directories because it is much the same as an online alert to those in the community that their business exists. If you run a business whose target market is the local community, then you can appreciate the benefits that a local business listing service can provide.

For example, listings in an online business listing service that is focused on your local area is a great method of promoting your business locally; however, it does not discount the great possibility of reaching customers that are located in other areas. Getting your business listed is a great way to start planning for your business’ future. You no doubt understand the importance of the internet is today’s business climate. Regardless of whether your business is strictly local or nationwide, it is worth the investment to see what a local business listing service can do for your business.

Local Auckland Business MarketingThere are several online free listings services; however, they offer an upgrade to your primary listing, and the only way you are truly visible is if you opt for the upgrade. Many people nowadays use local business listings to find services in their general area. Services that are commonly used by consumers are very popular in these listings. Getting your site listed can open so many potentialities for your business that the future could be wide open for you. It can significantly improve your sales and revenue. If you seek to explore what the internet can do for your company, getting listed in a local business listing service is a great option for your company.

Why to List your Business

If you aim to be competitive with other companies that offer your same services or products, then listing with a local directory is a great idea. You can easily reach your target market, as well as people just outside of it. Depending on your services, you never know when someone will visit that you maybe never thought of.

Not only can your customers find you much easier, but this is your chance for a little bit of free advertising. In other words, the more of a buzz you create about your company, the better the chances of turning visitors into clients. Market exposure is the number one aspect of internet business. The more you are exposed, the better your chances for sales and revenues. Further expand your competitive edge by utilising the services of your local businesses.