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The Art of Giving Gifts

Corporate gifts can actually help build a great relationship with your client. However there is an art to gifting and over stepping certain boundaries might cause the situation to become awkward. A gift which looks too expensive or perhaps too cheap might result in a social gaffe making it something which can’t be over looked.  The following are a few gift giving etiquettes all business owners should know.

Personalise your corporate gifts

Anyone would like to receive a personalized gift. It becomes all the more valuable. If you gift them something which is of interest to them or which actually holds value for them, it can do wonders for your company.

It’s always helpful to pick a corporate gift for your clients which is useful. Just make sure to avoid the cheap promotional gifts which you can get for a dime a dozen. Purchase something small yet tasteful.

Know your budget

You should know how much you are willing to spend. If yours is a new start up you may not have the budget to send expensive stuff. However a small tasteful season’s greeting card is also enough to let people know you are thinking of them.

However the problem arises when you spend a great deal on gifts. Most companies have special policies on the kinds of gifts they can accept. There are a few who aren’t even allowed to accept gifts. It’s always better to do a bit of research to find out the gift accepting policy of different companies.

Corporate Gifts

Always be sensitive to religious beliefs of your clients

Just because you celebrate Christmas doesn’t mean all your clients do. Giving them a holiday gift which makes it impossible for them to accept due to religious beliefs can create tension. It becomes awkward for both you and your client. If you do plan on sending corporate gifts, ask them casually if they celebrate Christmas. This way you can avoid problems and there are other ways to show appreciation as well. This could include a small token after a highly successful transaction.

Be inclusive

One of the most basic etiquette of gift giving is to be inclusive. If you plan on gifting something to your employees, make sure you gift it to each one of them and not a select few. Doing so would only cause people to talk behind you and create feelings of jealousy.

In order to avoid the mistake of overlooking employees and clients make sure you have a list prepared of all the potential individuals you would be sending gifts too. This checklist would help prevent you from forgetting someone.

Remember the key to successful gifting is to send small yet tasteful gifts. The basic idea is to make your clients and employees feel important and it doesn’t necessarily mean having to spend thousands of dollars either. If you are looking for valuable and tasteful corporate gifts in Brisbane within your budget, make sure you check out the items available.

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