Top Material Used for Teamwear

Team wear also known as active wear  is the clothing and footwear worn for sport. The clothing is specific to the sport and is catered for practical, comfort or safety reasons. For most sports the athletes wear a combination of pieces of clothing and gear. There is protective gear that may need to be worn such as helmets or padded body armour that is designed to work with the given material of the fabric material. The  fabrics are the type of  materials which help the athlete move  comfortably  during training and the actual game. The type of fabric material the athlete needs really  depends on the intensity of their activity on and off the game field. Gear for running long distances should keep the wearer comfortable and have  excellent moisture absorption properties to allow for sweat to transfer from the inside to the outside for the clothing. For outdoor sports in the winter the material has to be breathable fabrics with excellent  insulating quality. In heated condition, the material should allow the wearer to stay cool; while in when in cold weather, sportswear should help the wearer keep from freezing. Team wear  is usually  designed to be lightweight in order to not restrict the person’s movement or flexibility.


This material is used as base layers to soak up sweat; moisture is transferred because it’s  worn next to the skin. It also has an insulating layer placed on top and then wind and water resistant  garments.

Double knit polyester

This fabric is the best choice for those athletes that need something durable , this is especially important for making sure it won’t wear out as fast.

Mesh polyester

The mesh fabric allows for free air flow through team wear ,quickly circulating air  to reach the skin  and allowing for immediate cooling. However due to the rate of absorption, the fabric does need to be washed more frequently.

Moisture absorbing ( wicking ) polyester

This is the best combination of allows for absorption of sweat  away from the skin for a more efficient evaporation and durability without compromising comfort. Moisture wicking is a term used on fabric that  is absorbent and allows for a barrier of wet fabric on your skin. There is also the newest variation of moisture wicking which is dry wicking. It is a  two layered fabric that separates  the surface tension of sweat and propels it through the  layer that is hydrophobic into a natural absorbing outer layer.


This fabrics is very similar to the 100% cotton blends plus a few other added benefits. It is breathable, comfortable and way less prone to shrinking.  Often times, they are more durable than the plain cotton team wear.

Overall, all these material types fulfill one of the most important criteria for team wear which is to keep all clothing uniform. Team wear is meant to be uniform in color and material to truly represent the unity of a team and what they represent. Also look into different types of custom made sportswear that is available from Australia. In sports where teams are playing against each other, both  sides are usually identified by the colors of their clothing. The individual team members are recognized by the number on the back of their shirt. In some sports, specific pieces of  of clothing differentiate roles of players within the team.